CEO Mindset The shift from entrepreneur to CEO can be scary. Those who have made the transition successfully have fully embraced the reality that with great risk comes great reward.

Below are three simple habits of successful CEO’s that can easily be adopted into your own life as you make the transition.

Successful CEO’s…

1. Delegate ownership versus tasks

The move from thinking like an entrepreneur to leading like a CEO can be a difficult challenge. For those of you who are used to doing the bulk of the work and keeping the business afloat, this fear of failure will keep you from delegating ownership to others.

Remember that thinking drives the action. If you stay stuck in thinking how you have to do it, it will never lead you to the action of building a team. You might still have to build your system and your team at the same time, but your focus has shifted to your vision not on what you don’t have.

A successful CEO believes that leadership development in others occurs by delegating ownership NOT tasks. Asking someone to create a plan for increasing sales in the next fiscal year will move your company forward faster than asking them to create a simple budget!

You need to identify your low ROI activities that are sucking hours out of your already busy schedule and delegate them. The old adage, sometimes you need to spend money to make money, can often come into play here. Yes you may need to pay someone to do this task for you, but if they can perform faster and more efficiently while allowing you to focus more on the big picture stuff that will inevitably push your business to a new level then its not only worth it but completely necessary. Start to identify these low ROI activities immediately and bit by bit piece together a team who can help lift you and your business to a new level.

2. Take time away from the business

Too many CEO’s suffer from a messiah complex and narcissistically believe that the business will crumble if they take time away. They push themselves beyond their capacity and ultimately create a stressed work environment for themselves and their employees.

A successful CEO who takes time away from the business realizes that it fosters creativity, renews perspective, helps them to avoid burnout and ultimately gives the chance for their team to function on their own.

As much as it can be hard to part with your computer, phone, laptop for even a DAY it is crucial in order to nurture creativity and reinstate perspective. Try starting off small, at weekends for instance, do not allow yourself to turn on your business mobile or computer for the entire weekend. Whatever is going on can wait until Monday, you’ll be surprised with the liberation you’ll feel being completely free to do as you please – not to mention the clarity you will discover as your rest your body and mind away from your business.

3. Make quick decisions

Unfortunately, life is not always like the parable of the fox and the hare! Wallowing in slow decision-making sucks the energy from your ability to lead. It can be confusing for your team if their hands are tied while waiting for you to give the direction. An unintended outcome could be that your team begins to lose confidence in you as a leader.

You need to start feeling confident in your ability to take your business in the right direction. Yes we all make mistakes but spending months deciding on the right system, project, direction to take can lead you into a confusing and stressful place – and your team have no choice but to enter that black hole with you. Start putting a time limit on your decision making, give yourself boundaries and you’ll find you begin to see clearly a lot faster when you know that you HAVE to decide by xyz day whether or not you wish to proceed. You will gain greater confidence in yourself and your team will respond favorably too.

A successful CEO learns that risks are necessary for high achievement and is not afraid to make a quick decision so that opportunities are not missed.

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