Success Compass Like the four cardinal directions on a compass, there are basically four central factors for success that move an Entrepreneur beyond five figures and into CEO of a high six figure and beyond business. The big leap lies in banishing the “what do I have to do” attitude in their business towards a “what would have to happen so that we can create this” mentality. One focuses inward, ultimately creating a bottleneck in business creativity, and the other paves the way for creative collaboration and ownership of the business.

Each part of the four essential elements to creating and sustaining huge success is necessary and vital. Like the four legs of a table, one without any of the others will still put you in a place of instability. You have to learn to see each element as critically important for the whole to function.

1) Mindset

The CEO is the gatekeeper of the company’s values. In order to be successful as a CEO and a 7 figure business owner specifically, you need to determine exactly what your vision is.

You need to examine what you really want to achieve with your business. How you want the business to serve others. What your central values and beliefs are with regards to your organization and how you want it to function.

You need to be clear within yourself first before others can take this vision on board and implement it throughout the different levels of the company.

Once you have a good concept of this vision you need to spread the word. Share your vision clearly with the other members on your team so that they too can start to live and breath that vision.

Begin to think out of the box and set yourself in a growth position. Begin to think beyond yourself and figure out how those around can help move your vision forward as well.

You can no longer look at your business as a solo entity, it is more than that now. A well-constructed vision should be able to move forward without your presence.

Exercise: You need to get to the root of your vision. What made you get into this business in the first place, what makes you tick, what drives you to succeed every day, what do you really want to achieve. Tapping into those deep desires will be key to constructing a clear vision for where you want to take your business, how you want to best serve your clients and how you want to change the world in your own way.

Take time to think about each of these motivators and how they can help you focus your efforts and mindset to produce greater results for your business.

2) Habits and Actions

The transition from entrepreneur to a successful CEO of a seven-figure company depends heavily on your habits and actions. The habits that got you to 6 figures need a major adjustment before they can hit the 7 range.

Your habits as CEO will will be the driving force behind the success or failure of the company.

The main impediment for many people is that they are running their companies like an entrepreneur and not a CEO. You must see yourself as a leader and not like a marketer or a person of their trade.

Begin to form habits and actions that characterizes someone who has a clear vision and is ready and willing to make the necessary changes in their own life to move it forward.

You need to stop getting hung up on the every day tasks of your business and start to look at the bigger picture stuff. If there are tedious tasks taking up your time without generating a return then you need to seek help from other members on your team so you can move forward!

Exercise: Note down the actions or habits you have currently that may impede your ability to broach the 7 figure world. Think of the actions of successful CEO’s in your industry and determine how you can implement similar practices in your day to day life that will propel you forward.

Keep an eye out for Part II on Tuesday!

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    Travis Greenlee
    March 5th, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    Love your post Mel!

    You hit it right on the head. In these turbulent times, it’s really easy to get off track, to lose our focus and direction. I certainly have…

    I’m so looking forward to hangin’ with you next week in Scottsdale. Gonna reconnect with our passions and purpose.

    First round of drinks is on me, lol!

    Luv ya,