Today we have Part II of the Success Compass – Finding Your Direction piece. If you missed last week’s edition please Click Here to read it first!

Success Compass 3) Environment

Environment dictates the level of success you can achieve. Think of your environment as a container that either lifts you up or drags you down.

A business environment can either be a balloon that allows you to soar above the competition or a weight that is constantly pulling you down in your pursuit of success.

The environment that you create as a CEO must be one that allows you to be the best that you can be. This often will look significantly different and have different pieces in it then the environment you might have held when you first started your business or first began to grow your business. The environment of a CEO, out of necessity, should be unique.

Exercise: Think about what environment you need to help you grow in your business and personally. What people lift you up and encourage you to be the best? And what personality types interfere with your ability to be proactive and succeed?

What sort of environment do you respond to favorably? What habits do you need to break to move onward and upward into a 7 figure business?

4) Skills and Knowledge

Jumping into a seven-figure business does require some different knowledge. Knowledge and skills are vastly different when you become a CEO as opposed to the days of entrepreneurship when you found yourself doing it all.

You should no longer see yourself as a jack-of-all-trades but should begin to hone and sharpen the skills necessary to run a successful company.

There are some changes in your knowledge, skills and education that need to adjust and grow for business success. Learn how to stop doing everything! Trust the individuals that are on your team to share the workload with you so that you can focus your time and energy on what you do best.

Exercise: Once you have determined your major role in the organization moving forward, you will be able to identify exactly which skills you need to hone in on and develop further. Find a mentor, get your hands on ebooks or courses that a tailored specifically to this skill set so you can become the best of the best at what you do.

Analyzing the “Success Compass” and implementing this new direction into your own business is your first step to a blossoming into a seven figure sensation.

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