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For entrepreneurs who desire to make a HUGE, PROFITABLE impact on the world but keep getting stuck in the weeks trying to get everything done, then you'll want to find out how The CEO Factor can help you stop being the bottleneck and start unleashing your genius on the world.

“Discover How To Stop Being the Bottleneck
In Your Business So You Can
START Making Decisions Today That Will
Catapult Your Income Beyond Six Figures and Position You As the Leader In Your Industry.













From: Melanie Benson Strick, CEO of Success Connections, Inc.

Dear Entrepreneur,

Imagine running a business where you spend at least 75% of your time doing what you love because you have the right support systems to lift you up. Gone are the days of working long into the night and every weekend. Your ideas have a huge profitable impact on the world because OTHER people implement for you. You’ve stopped being the bottleneck to your growth and soar as fast as YOU want to grow.

It's time to stop working your butt off like a Tazmanian devil spinning in circles, with your stress level through the roof. Its time to start enjoying a business that’s built around YOUR strengths, passions and vision of success – without giving up your life.

It's time to implement
The CEO Factor into your business.

I hate to break it to you but chances are YOU are the reason you aren’t achieving the results you want. YOU are the BOTTLENECK and YOU are hijacking your own success.

So, if you’re tired of…

  • Having to make all of the decisions in your business cause no one else can
  • Not seeing your ideas come to fruition because your team can’t keep up
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the day to day tasks of running your company
  • Not getting paid your true value because you’re spread too thin
  • Working too much and playing too little
  • Hearing tired old strategies that don’t apply to your business TODAY
  • Being stuck in a business model that’s not working but are not sure how to change it
  • Putting band aids on problems that really need decisive overhauls because you’d rather stay with the enemy you know than take a big risk
  • Playing small cause you don’t have the time, money or energy to grow your business to the next level

My question is to you, what if you made a new choice today? A choice to act like, NO to BE the CEO in your business. And I don't mean a stuffy corporate CEO. I mean the Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of you big vision. When you do this, you will experience all of the goals you had in mind when you started your business in the first place. I call this The CEO Factor.

I had to make this new choice myself recently. I get the power of delegation and have never had to be convinced to hire other people to help me grow. But there became a time when I had to admit that my greatest strengths were NOT in managing other people but in being the visionary, creative and life force of my business.

Every second I spend managing deadlines, people or projects drains the life out of me. It cuts off my creativity and makes me question my desire to grow. But once I discovered how to make some simple mental mindset shifts and tap into real growth strategies that can set me up for sustainable success – without me working more – it refueled my motivation and power again.

Here's a quick look at some of the
ways I've helped others get a revenue and
sanity boost in their business:

“The advice the Melanie has given me changed the direction of my business and my life! I now have a team, have been leveraging myself so much more and became happier and more profitable in the process” - Kelly O’Neil, Million Dollar Marketing to the Affluent Coach:



Find out what happened to Michele and Karen when they started working closely with me and began embodying The CEO Factor™.



The strategies that got your business making money will not be the same strategies that get you to the high six figures and beyond.

The number one thing that is standing between you and your business being as profitable and successful as you desire is YOU! If you are trying to take your business to the next level with the same thinking, habits, choices and vision that got you to this level, then you are the bottleneck!

You have to expose yourself to an entirely new way of thinking and being to solve this challenge. Remember what Einstein said,

You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it!

When you start behaving like a CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer), you will upgrade your vision, move from short term thinking to long range planning, start hiring for ownership instead of task management, discover a proven process for building a scalable business, let go of what isn’t working, up-level your infrastructure and learn how to LEAD effectively…AND you’ll achieve the success you’ve always wanted in the process.

“How to Master the REAL Process of
Growing beyond Six Figures while having a
Massive Impact on the World
…in Record Time!”

Unfortunately in our industry, many “gurus” make it seem like you should be able to achieve seven figures overnight, just by following their proven system or pushing that magic “enter” key on your computer’s keyboard.

Honestly, it’s not going to happen that way. Don’t lose hope though cause it is possible and I’ve helped quite a few people make that leap by uncovering that missing puzzle piece and making the shift into consistent, predictable income without skipping a beat.

Every year I work with a limited number of eager entrepreneurs who invest between $10,000 and $25,000 to implement these key steps to increase their profits and get their vision manifested in the biggest way possible. But coaching people one-on-one is severely limited by how much time I have – which isn’t much – and I know there are thousands of entrepreneurs eager to up level their results immediately.

So in early 2009 I hosted a one-time only live event (which we sold seats for $3,000 a person) for a small group of business owners where myself and Shawn Driscoll, an extraordinary corporate business growth expert, taught our system for helping business owners just like you achieve massive, expansive results in record time.

In the retreat we revealed:

What changes the business owner must make in order to be able to sustain revenues over $500,000 per year

The simple exercise that Tony Hsheish, CEO of Zappos uses to hire the top talent to grow into a multi-million dollar business (that 95% of entrepreneurs don’t remember to do themselves!)

Eight “empire-worthy” business models that are capable of generating seven to eight figures (or just help you sustain a nice high six figure income.)

Bottlenecks that are most likely to stunt growth and deplete you of your magic…leaving well meaning entrepreneurs frustrated and overwhelmed (and stuck!)

The eight core CEO types and who they MUST HAVE on their team to grow to the next level.

What your REAL role is as the leader of your small business and what specific daily, weekly and monthly actions you must focus on to leap into your next phase of growth.

Advanced cash infusion strategies to help you fund your expansion – or just get you out of a cash flow crunch.

The trick to managing a huge implementation of new programs and offerings (hint: it’s not going to be you!)


Entrepreneurs are infamous for becoming THE roadblock to their
own growth. Here is a quick tip taken from the
CEO Factor System on Cash Flow...


I won’t be offering this live event again but I know what has happened for the people who have put these strategies into action. You’ve heard from a few of them already so you know what is possible. That’s why I’m making The CEO Factor System available to you.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you get
The CEO Factor System:

The CEO Factor system audio downloads (there's 10 total CEO Factor Steps in the Roadmap to implement for your massive breakthrough.)

As you eavesdrop in on the recordings from the event as if you are right there with me, you'll discover each of these essential steps. You’ll find out how to:

Make the leap from your current revenue into the next (think adding 000’s) by crafting your business growth foundation

Finally create a team of “A Players” to implement your big vision who are eager to wow you and exceed your expectations.

What type of business model(s) you can add to your current offerings immediately to position you as the leader in your industry.

The cash infusion strategies used by Venture Capitalists, growth firms and brick and mortar companies that can propel your vision forward.

Diagnose and overcome breakdowns, bottlenecks and barriers that have kept you playing small but can now be used to fuel your expansion.

Shift your identity from “technician” or “creator” to CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer) of your dream business – and you’ll love this new role, trust me!

The CEO Factor Handbook

KitThe CEO Factor Handbook includes the actual presentation materials that each live participant received as an attendee. You’ll be able to follow along with the PowerPoint materials, complete the exercises in the easy-to-follow handouts and download many of additional resources.

When you complete this step-by-step business transformation, you’ll have a complete roadmap ready for action to conquer your niche, position yourself as the thought leader in your industry and experience empire-worthy revenue in the process.


Now here is the important part about investing in ANY system. The system only works when you work it. I’ve included some additional bonus resources as my gift to help you implement this system and ensure you start operating at your highest performance possible.

CEO bonus2BONUS 1. EXCLUSIVE access to my private CEO Factor Resource center ($997.00 value). I continue to create tools that help my clients address the more “complex” areas they navigate through in their business like

check How to design and manage an employee performance system
check Running meetings that motivate and inspire (and don’t waste your time)
check Deciding what opportunities and projects deserve your time and money
check Templates for streamlining your sales and marketing systems
check Defining your real role as leader (and how to get rid of the rest)

MelanieBONUS 2. I’m going to give you a 30-minute Strategy Planning Session ($500 value) to help you identify your growth bottlenecks and prioritize the steps in your CEO Factor Roadmap. This one step alone is will set you up for a massive leap forward.


“Melanie, who would benefit the most
from learning The CEO Factor system?”

In my experience having coached hundreds of business owners around these concepts, you’ll be able to double and triple your investment if you are an entrepreneur who…

  1. Has been experiencing consistent growth but hit a wall and is now stuck at their current level of success.

  2. Is generating significant financial success (doing it mostly alone) but is now suffering from overwhelm, breakdowns and stress.

  3. Holds back from the next level of success because they can’t see how to achieve it with their current resources available to them.

  4. Has a huge vision and knows they must grow quickly without making unnecessary mistakes, wasting time or money and in the shortest, most direct path possible.

  5. Is insanely creative and talented but struggles to attract, lead or manage their team through the next stage of growth (and is probably secretly wishing they could fire everyone so they don’t have to manage anymore.)

  6. Recognizes their mindset, habits, environment or lack of knowledge around this next level of growth is the only thing holding them back from their dream business.


“Yes Melanie! I’m Ready To Put the CEO Factor System to Work for Me!”

For my investment of $397 (or 3 EASY payments of $145) I understand I'll get:

CheckThe CEO Factor System in 10 downloadable audios laid out in an easy to follow system.

CheckThe downloadable CEO Factor Handbook which includes the exercises, handouts and templates for each step of the system.

PLUS these bonuses...

CheckA Complimentary Strategy Planning Session ($500 value) to help you identify your growth bottlenecks.

CheckExclusive access to my Private CEO Factor Resource Center ($997 value)

*Payment Plan Available!* 3 EASY payments of $145


SI have every intention of turning YOU into my next super-star testimonial but we both know you have to IMPLEMENT what I teach you to reap the reward.

If you decide within 90 days of ordering the CEO Factor System that this isn’t your cup of tea, just send the system back and we’ll refund your investment.

I will ENCOURAGE you to book your strategy session and watch the DVDs before you decide to send the system back…growth sometimes takes time and you want to implement this ENTIRE process before you give up on it!

To Your Success!

Melanie Benson Strick
CEO, Success Connections, Inc.





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