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Preparing Presentation Materials

Your presentation materials include:

  • Your script for your speech
  • Your handouts
  • Your PowerPoint slides
  • Other types of demo materials, raffle prizes, etc.

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Preparing to speak at an event is just as important as speaking at the event.

Over the years I’ve developed my own system for preparing for events, which includes checklists and process maps that my team uses to help us prepare for a speaking event. These materials have been shared with me by other mentors, experts and colleagues like Stephanie Frank, author of The Accidental Millionaire who received them from someone else. None have ever been copyrighted so I have no idea who to attribute the original checklists to.

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If you don’t offer the audience an opportunity to buy your products or services then you are doing your audience a disservice. THEY NEED YOU! They may not know it yet, or they may have resistance to spending the money, but the bottom line is they need what you have to offer. That’s why they are there.

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As I have been discussing in my previous blog post, there is a system in hooking your audience’s attention and getting them at the peak of their interest into what you are presenting.

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Would you like to be able to wow your audience? I mean really wow them. Imagine that you are speaking to a group of people who don’t know you yet. This group has been at an event for 1 ½ days of a three day event. You are standing at the back of the room as you hear the event producer start your introduction. The audience is clapping for you as you walk up to the front of the room and start with a phenomenal statement that gets everyone in the room fully and completely engaged in every word you say.

Creating a compelling presentation is the most important aspect of a highpayoff event. If you have everything else in place but you don’t wow them, you will just be another interesting person who they learned one or two tidbits from.

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I used to spend a lot of time dealing with the details of my business, so much so that I had very little time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

But, things changed dramatically when I decided to start enjoying the money I was making and not worry about a lot of the day to day tasks I could delegate to others. What’s the secret? Systems!

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In 2001 I left my cushy corporate job for the exciting, risk-filled world of entrepreneurism. I knew what it took to be successful in business – I’d been working for one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies – so I jumped right in. I had a plan, I had a few clients and I had tons of passion. I was working with a coach to help me through this transition and he suggested that I speak at local events to help me create more visibility and get people excited to work with me.

So I quickly began to offer to speak at any and every local organization that would have me. I knew how to stand in front of a crowd and present information. I’d been doing that for years at Motorola. I had spoken in front of groups as large as 500 people as well as smaller groups of 30 – 50 people where I trained them on quality improvement principles. How hard could it be anyway?
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When you started your business you probably just wanted to have control over your own life and do something you were good at. Maybe you had grand visions of creating an empire but you certainly didn’t know what you were really getting into, did you? Once you crossed the six-figure finish line you realized that most of what you envisioned has changed and you no longer have a clear picture of what’s next. You may even realize that all of the priorities and accomplishments that motivated you up to now are not necessarily as exciting anymore. You want to enjoy more of your life. You want to experience more passion and joy. And for some, it’s not even about the money anymore. You want to have meaning.

Now is the time to give your vision a tune up. When you implement The CEO Factor™ you will find it essential to create a vision that pulls you forward by aligning with the authentic leader inside. You will discover what it is like to lead from a place of effortlessness, fun and true power. When you refocus your day to day actions on the things you do best, you unleash more energy and creativity again. You may need to re-evaluate your work habits to ensure you are showing up as the leader. You probably need to learn how to lead a team vs. manage projects and deadlines. You may even need to re-discover your core strengths and passions. All this is do-able in a very short period of time when you stay true to The CEO Factor™.

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Whether you are a fan of Oprah or not, you can’t deny that she is one savvy entrepreneur. If you know much about her story then you know that Oprah has always done her best to stay true to her passions and strengths. In order to create a billion-dollar empire that makes a difference in the lives of others, Oprah has to do what she does best. And not only does she outsource the rest, she gives up a lot of control by delegating ownership. It’s one thing to outsource a task to someone else but to truly be able to stay focused on what you do best you must give total ownership to someone who has the passion, strengths and competency to do it for you.

You may have also heard about Oprah’s school for girls in South Africa. During an interview, Oprah revealed that she had this vision for many years but it wasn’t until she had reached a point that she could build the right team and have access to the right resources that she was able to make it happen. She knew it was too big of a dream to do alone. That’s The CEO Factor™ in action – recognizing what foundation you need to build in order to achieve the biggest dream possible.

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How will you realize that it is time to adapt the CEO Factor™? Is it when you are no longer enjoying your business and it’s eating up all of your time? Is it when you feel that you have more than enough on your plate?

Becoming the CEO (aka the Chief Entrepreneurial Officer) is basically a big fat permission slip to do more of what you do best…while creating new strategies to deal with the rest.
But, for most entrepreneurs a shift has to be made in order for that to happen.

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Yesterday I talked about the different types of entrepreneurs who create limits to their own growth. Today I’m encouraging YOU to tell the truth about where you may be getting in your own way.

I’ve put this checklist together of typical bottlenecks that most entrepreneurs get stuck in.

Let’s see if one (or many) of these situations is occurring in your business:

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When you get stuck in the day to day operations of your business, it’s easy to move out of creation mode and into doing mode. That’s when you become the bottleneck.

Maybe you can relate to one of these entrepreneurs who became the bottleneck in their

1.    High Quality In High Demand

You provide a much-needed service to your clients. They like you, trust you and rely on you. Now you want to grow and outsource many of the key tasks and roles to your team of subcontractors (or employees) but your clients push back. Nope, they want you! They continue to work directly with you or require you as the lead on the project and you are stuck. You are the bottleneck.

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Have you ever heard the saying “the only thing in the way of your growth is yourself”? As entrepreneurs, we often become the core lifeblood of our business. It’s our passion, our vision, our strengths and our motivation that gets us… and keeps us… successful. So then, what the heck do you do when you get really big? I mean when your business finally takes off, you start making consistent six and seven figures… and you realize… there is no way you can continue to be the only lifeblood of the business? Continue reading The CEO Factor™: Get Your Business Running the Way You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Early in my coaching career I worked with a lot of entrepreneurs who just wanted to break 6 figures. Now my clients have much bigger goals. They have been making 6 figures for a long time but the million dollar mark has escaped them. 

The primary reason for this is they think the strategies that got them to 6 figures will get them to 7 figures and that just isn’t the case. As a result they are the bottleneck, the ones who are limiting their own growth. 

Maybe you can relate to one of these entrepreneurs who became the bottleneck in their business. Continue reading Are You Limiting Your Business to 6 Figures?

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