National Be Heard Day

March 5th, 2009
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It’s almost here. And I’m so excited!
National Be Heard Day is March 6 – and it’s a holiday like no other because the celebration is in honor of you!  
That’s right. Shannon Cherry, a publicity pro, created Be Heard Day <>  four years ago to celebrate entrepreneurs like you who find their voice, tell their story and be heard by using low-cost marketing techniques. 
As part of the Be Heard celebration every year, Shannon has given away free tools to help entrepreneurs be heard. This year, she’s invited other respected marketers, including me, to give away additional tools to make this the ultimate celebration!
And the best part: I’m personally inviting you to take advantage of all these free gifts – and these gifts are worth more than $5500!

You’re getting this all for free. Unlike many of these types of giveaways, you’re not going to have to view numerous sales pages in order to get the great low-cost marketing tips and tactics. There’s no catch; no strings attached. And you’ll be getting some great stuff, including:
*        A free PR Newswire membership
*        The Small Business Profit System
*        Communicating your Credibility
*        The Get Media Savvy ebook
*        And much, much more
So mark your calendar for March 6, and bookmark this webpage: to get everything you need to find your voice, tell your story and be heard.

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Preparing Presentation Materials

Your presentation materials include:

  • Your script for your speech
  • Your handouts
  • Your PowerPoint slides
  • Other types of demo materials, raffle prizes, etc.

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As I have been discussing in my previous blog post, there is a system in hooking your audience’s attention and getting them at the peak of their interest into what you are presenting.

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Would you like to be able to wow your audience? I mean really wow them. Imagine that you are speaking to a group of people who don’t know you yet. This group has been at an event for 1 ½ days of a three day event. You are standing at the back of the room as you hear the event producer start your introduction. The audience is clapping for you as you walk up to the front of the room and start with a phenomenal statement that gets everyone in the room fully and completely engaged in every word you say.

Creating a compelling presentation is the most important aspect of a highpayoff event. If you have everything else in place but you don’t wow them, you will just be another interesting person who they learned one or two tidbits from.

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Yesterday I talked about the importance of starting with the end in mind. Do you want to read the previous post in this series? Just go to

Here are the four steps to make sure you end up exactly where you want to be.

Step 1. Get Clear About Your Intention

Getting clear about your intention is like creating that big “why?” Why should you do this? Knowing the why means you will be more motivated to make it happen. What do you really want to have happen? How do you want to feel? How do you want your audience to feel? How do you want the event producer to feel? What is the win-win outcome for everyone? How much money will you make?

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Seven years ago when I started my business I felt like I was constantly running a rat race. I had entirely too much on my plate and I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to learn everything necessary to be successful in business. As I grew into a steady six figure income, as a result of diligently implementing leverage in every area of my business, I realized that this level of success brought with it a new challenge. It wasn’t that I was working ungodly hours and struggling to accomplish my goals anymore. It was what I was doing with my time that overwhelmed me. I wasn’t spending the majority of my time on the tasks I loved – I had become a manager in my own business! You might as well have put me back in a J.O.B.

Through working my own process and the ever-present guidance of my Virtual Team Building partner Shawn Driscoll, I began to see that I had become a bottleneck to my own growth. And I wasn’t alone. As I quickly implemented the strategies necessary to resolve this stagnation, I found that my clients, friends and colleagues were plagued by the very same symptoms – feeling like their business had become too much work due to their lack of awareness that THEY were the problem!

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Yesterday I talked about the different types of entrepreneurs who create limits to their own growth. Today I’m encouraging YOU to tell the truth about where you may be getting in your own way.

I’ve put this checklist together of typical bottlenecks that most entrepreneurs get stuck in.

Let’s see if one (or many) of these situations is occurring in your business:

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When you get stuck in the day to day operations of your business, it’s easy to move out of creation mode and into doing mode. That’s when you become the bottleneck.

Maybe you can relate to one of these entrepreneurs who became the bottleneck in their

1.    High Quality In High Demand

You provide a much-needed service to your clients. They like you, trust you and rely on you. Now you want to grow and outsource many of the key tasks and roles to your team of subcontractors (or employees) but your clients push back. Nope, they want you! They continue to work directly with you or require you as the lead on the project and you are stuck. You are the bottleneck.

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I have been getting a lot of great comments and questions on The CEO Factor™, especially from people who seem to “know” what it is but when it really comes down to it have a hard time implementing the strategies, taking themselves out of the day to day tasks of running their business and taking the leap to grow their team so they are really poised to breakthrough the 7 figure mark this year.

But now I want to hear from you. I am putting together a teleclass and a 3 day live event on The CEO Factor™ and the more feedback I get from you, the CEO, the better they will be. So, will you take a few minutes to share with me either:

1. Your biggest question about growing beyond 6 figures this year, or 

2. Your biggest question about eliminating the bottlenecks in your business.

The more entrepreneurs talk about the challenges they have in their business, especially with people who can relate to what they’re going through and who have a proven system for getting past the bottlenecks, the faster they’ll make the breakthrough they’ve been looking for.


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