Are CEO’s allowed to have a bad day?  You’d think that sounds reasonable, but when you actually consider the impact on your entire company, you may think otherwise.  How do you expect your team to behave if you are lying on the couch for three days?    Even with the “right team”, leadership is critical.  They may begin to question the vision, or be confused as to why you aren’t leading them and inspiring them anymore.  They may think the vision has changed, or died, or perhaps they no longer fit into the vision.  And surprisingly, these kind of emotions can flare up quickly.  It doesn’t take long before your team, and your clients, begin spiraling down the same path as you.  So therefore, bad moods, or temporarily “checking out”, is simple not smart.

Your “inner game” dictates your “outer game”, so learning how to overcome your bad days are critical.  I’ll give you some pointers here:

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Article written by Melanie Benson-Strick, your Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach.

Whether you are a fan of Oprah or not, you can’t deny that she is one savvy entrepreneur. If you know much about her story then you know that Oprah has always done her best to stay true to her passions and strengths. In order to create a billion-dollar empire that makes a difference in the lives of others, Oprah has to do what she does best. And not only does she outsource the rest, she gives up a lot of control by delegating ownership. It’s one thing to outsource a task to someone else but to truly be able to stay focused on what you do best you must give total ownership to someone who has the passion, strengths and competency to do it for you.

You may have also heard about Oprah’s school for girls in South Africa. During an interview, Oprah revealed that she had this vision for many years but it wasn’t until she had reached a point that she could build the right team and have access to the right resources that she was able to make it happen. She knew it was too big of a dream to do alone. That’s The CEO Factor™ in action – recognizing what foundation you need to build in order to achieve the biggest dream possible.

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Imagine this…the editor of Entrepreneur Magazine calls you because they want to feature you on their next cover. They are featuring you not because of what your business IS but because you have created the kind of business that allows you to have the lifestyle, freedom and money you want. Lots of people have success being an entrepreneur but very few end up serving as models for the masses. The ones that do have embodied a quality, developed a unique method, or flew in the face of everything that came before to create something memorable. In this imaginary scenario this person is YOU.

So, what’s the headline of this issue featuring you and what’s the name of the article about you?

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