In my 8 years coaching dozens of 6 figure entrepreneurs and transforming them into 7 ( and 8 ) figure CEOs and business owners I’ve asked myself one question over and over and over again … 

“Why do some entrepreneurs seem to rocket to 7 and 8 figure success almost overnight while others struggle and suffer in 6 figure ‘Lifestyle businesses’ for years and years with no end in site?”

I’ve done a lot of thinking on this question and I can tell you right now . . . 

It’s not intelligence . . . most of the truly successful business owners I know will admit freely that they aren’t much smarter than anyone else (in fact, in my experience, being “too smart” can actual hamstring your growth) . . . 

It’s not drive or how many hours you work . . . in my coaching I’ve shown again and again that, if done right, taking time OFF from your business (and getting out of the way) can actually cause geometric business growth in very little time.

It’s not availability of funding or the economy . . . Money might be harder to find these days, but it’s still out there . . . and just like during the last “recession” the economy is going to create at least as many millionaires as it destroys.

And it’s not any of the dozens (or probably hundreds) of reasons and excuses I’ve heard from business owners over the years.

Nope, when you come down to it . . . 

There’s only one reason some business owners rocket to success while others sputter along . . . And that’s because the successful entrepreneurs built a solid business foundation that removes obstacles to success and promotes radical growth.

When You Establish this Solid Foundation, You’ll Suddenly Discover  . . . 

* Who to hire and how to hire them to make sure every aspect of your business is given the passion and attention it deserves . . . 

* How to communicate clearly and effectively . . . to set expectations and goals for a team in SECONDS and to keep communication breakdowns from ever being a problem . . .

  • How to instill passion in your team members and employees so that everyone truly cares about the success of the company and is motivated to reach for the highest profits and the best results possible.
  • How to make even “Big” decisions quickly and confidently . . . almost automatically picking the choice that will have the most profound impact on your business . . . 
  • Why “stepping out of your business” and working LESS is actually the key to phenomenal business growth . . . how to focus your attention and effort on those parts of your business where you can do the most good . . . and how to get out of the way of your team members so they can do what they can do best.

But most of all, you’ll discover how to bring in more sales and more profits while working less and while having a more powerful and more positive impact on the world around you.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Business And Establish A Foundation For Radical Growth?

At the CEO Factor retreat two weeks ago, I announced the creation of a special “7 Figure Mastermind” group specifically for current and future 7 figure entrepreneurs who want to experience Radical Growth in 2009.

We had almost 40 high-performing business owners in the room at the retreat . . . and when I announced this high level mastermind group almost all of them raised their hand to apply…

But only 6 qualified. 

Why? Because this 7 Figure Mastermind group is going to operate less like a “class” and more like a board of advisors. Yes, I’ll be using the principles behind the “CEO FACTOR” to transform your business, but as a member of the Mastermind you’ll be expected contribute intellectual capital and experience to the success of the other members . . . to help you find a “short cut” to success and to minimize mistakes.

Currently there are just 4 spots left in the 7 Figure Mastermind Group . .  . four more 7 Figure CEOs in training who I’ll guide by the hand for massive business and personal growth in 2009. 

Do you qualify? 

There’s only one way to find out . . . 

In order to qualify for the 7 Figure Mastermind group you must . . .

  • Currently generate 6 to 7 figures in annual revenue.
  • Be on a track of consistent growth and success . . . and be READY and WILLING to experience RADICAL growth in your business  . . . guiding your company through a comprehensive marketing strategy that almost force you to create an empire.
  • Be the brand, star, founder and visionary who drives your company . . . 
  • Want or need to leave a legacy through your business . . . but also crave more time to enjoy your life.
  • Have at least 2 other people on your team . . . and be willing to create a 7 figure dream team who removes headaches from your life and skyrockets your productivity.
  • Want to lead more while doing less of the day to day operations of your business.
  • Be ready to fund growth, build your team and streamline your operations.
  • Be ready to be accountable for the actions in your business . . . and be willing to take quantum leaps as opposed to making incremental improvements.


This program is NOT for you if you are . . . 

  • Struggling to pay your bills.
  • Making less than $200k in revenue
  • Still doing everything yourself.
  • Wishing for a “Magic Pill” where you don’t have to do any work and the next level of success magically comes to you.


If You Meet The Criteria Above, I’d like To Invite You to Apply.

Here’s all you have to do . . .

First, you can discover more about the 7 Figure Mastermind . . .what you get, what you have to invest and what you can expect . . . by following this link:

On that page, you’ll also find an application form. If you’d like to apply, simply fill out the form and email or fax it back. 

If you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you already know me and know the phenomenal results I’ve gotten for clients . . . but just in case you haven’t, here are a few videos from ecstatic clients who have put my techniques into action in their own businesses . .  .and who were part of my last Mastermind group.


If you think this mastermind group might be for you, you need to apply quickly by downloading and returning the application. As I said, only 4 spots remain and once they’re gone, we’ll be closing registration for good.  Once she receives your application, my assistant will set up an interview time where we can talk about your business and see if you’re a good fit.


Melanie Strick

P.S.  If for some reason you aren’t the right fit for the Mastermind group, you can still get access to the 7 Figure CEO Protégé program when I launch it shortly. Just let us know your interested here:

Want to discover how to implement The CEO Factor so you can create the ULTIMATE lifestyle business and have the freedom and income you desire?

Normally I only share recordings of  calls to people who register beforehand but this call was simply too good not to share with you.

Yesterday my good friends and clients Beth Schneider and Kelly O’Neil and I got on the phone to talk about not only what may be keeping people just like you from achieving huge results in your business but also what to do to make sure you experience massive success…no matter what’s going on in the economy.

Check it out now at

Here’s what we’ve all discovered and want you to know too:

Putting The CEO Mindset to work in your life and your business will have a dramatic impact on your results. Beth doubled her business…twice…when she figured this piece out!

You have to delegate to owners vs. task masters if you ever want your business to really grow to a place where you can be the LEADER and not just a manager.

Not knowing when to go fast in your business and when to go slow can cripple your growth and severely limit your results.

If you feel stuck anywhere in your business, I strongly urge you to take some time right now to listen to this call.

We haven’t gotten this much feedback about a call in a long time and I want to make sure you take some time to tap into what both Beth and Kelly have done to create really meaningful lifestyle businesses so you can do the same.

Let me know what you think too, okay? Just leave your comments in the boxes below.

Check out my upcoming call with Beth Schneider and Kelly O’Neil at 
These 2 amazing entrepreneurs have been clients of mine for a long time and they are going to offer their stories about how using my 7 step process has allowed them to create extraordinary RESULTS in their business and in their lives and exactly how you can do it too. It’s happening Tuesday March 17th so hurry and grab your spot.

Michele PW is a $Ka-Ching$ marketing strategist. She specializes in “done for you marketing” and over the past few years has gone from 5-figures to high 6-figures and more importantly now spends more time doing what she loves and less doing what drains her. We recently had a conversation about what it means to be a CEO, why some people may not like that term, and what it could ultimately mean for their business.

Find out Michele PW has to say about being a CEO.

Get all 7 Steps to for Doubling – or Even Tripling – Your Income, Serving More People in Less Time and Putting More Freedom Back Into Your Life by joining me and my biz partner Shawn Driscoll for our latest 2-part teleclass series beginning this Thursday.

Sheri McConnell is the president and founder of five national and international associations and her specialty is teaching people how to leverage their knowledge, websites, relationships, business models and themselves to create highly profitable businesses.

When I found out Sheri was coming to The CEO FactorRetreat this April, I had to sit down with her to find out what resonated with her in The CEO Factor™ Manifesto and how important this information has been for her in making some big leaps in her business this year. 

Listen in here.

Save your spot in this upcoming teleclass series starting February 26 at

James Jackman, president of Acme Clean Air, has been a client of mine for years. Since he started working with me, I’m happy to say, James has gone from struggling in his business to making very high 6 figures. I wanted to talk to James to find out why he was planning on attending The CEO Factor™ and what this has done for his business development.

Feel free to listen in on our conversation.

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