When you started your business you probably just wanted to have control over your own life and do something you were good at. Maybe you had grand visions of creating an empire but you certainly didn’t know what you were really getting into, did you? Once you crossed the six-figure finish line you realized that most of what you envisioned has changed and you no longer have a clear picture of what’s next. You may even realize that all of the priorities and accomplishments that motivated you up to now are not necessarily as exciting anymore. You want to enjoy more of your life. You want to experience more passion and joy. And for some, it’s not even about the money anymore. You want to have meaning.

Now is the time to give your vision a tune up. When you implement The CEO Factor™ you will find it essential to create a vision that pulls you forward by aligning with the authentic leader inside. You will discover what it is like to lead from a place of effortlessness, fun and true power. When you refocus your day to day actions on the things you do best, you unleash more energy and creativity again. You may need to re-evaluate your work habits to ensure you are showing up as the leader. You probably need to learn how to lead a team vs. manage projects and deadlines. You may even need to re-discover your core strengths and passions. All this is do-able in a very short period of time when you stay true to The CEO Factor™.

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Whether you are a fan of Oprah or not, you can’t deny that she is one savvy entrepreneur. If you know much about her story then you know that Oprah has always done her best to stay true to her passions and strengths. In order to create a billion-dollar empire that makes a difference in the lives of others, Oprah has to do what she does best. And not only does she outsource the rest, she gives up a lot of control by delegating ownership. It’s one thing to outsource a task to someone else but to truly be able to stay focused on what you do best you must give total ownership to someone who has the passion, strengths and competency to do it for you.

You may have also heard about Oprah’s school for girls in South Africa. During an interview, Oprah revealed that she had this vision for many years but it wasn’t until she had reached a point that she could build the right team and have access to the right resources that she was able to make it happen. She knew it was too big of a dream to do alone. That’s The CEO Factor™ in action – recognizing what foundation you need to build in order to achieve the biggest dream possible.

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