Are CEO’s allowed to have a bad day?  You’d think that sounds reasonable, but when you actually consider the impact on your entire company, you may think otherwise.  How do you expect your team to behave if you are lying on the couch for three days?    Even with the “right team”, leadership is critical.  They may begin to question the vision, or be confused as to why you aren’t leading them and inspiring them anymore.  They may think the vision has changed, or died, or perhaps they no longer fit into the vision.  And surprisingly, these kind of emotions can flare up quickly.  It doesn’t take long before your team, and your clients, begin spiraling down the same path as you.  So therefore, bad moods, or temporarily “checking out”, is simple not smart.

Your “inner game” dictates your “outer game”, so learning how to overcome your bad days are critical.  I’ll give you some pointers here:

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Article written by Melanie Benson-Strick, your Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach.

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Michele PW is a $Ka-Ching$ marketing strategist. She specializes in “done for you marketing” and over the past few years has gone from 5-figures to high 6-figures and more importantly now spends more time doing what she loves and less doing what drains her. We recently had a conversation about what it means to be a CEO, why some people may not like that term, and what it could ultimately mean for their business.

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